Tutorial Transcript

Ciao a tutti e bentornati nel mio canale! Since next week it is Thanksgiving I thought that today I would teach you how to say "thank you" in Italian, because I haven't done a lesson about this. Apart from Thanksgiving and all the celebration of this festivity in the US, I thought that it would be useful to anyone learning Italian to learn how to say thank you. Let's start! Iniziamo! So, just a quick note, Thanksgiving in Italian is "il giorno del ringraziamento" "il giorno del ringraziamento" the day to thank for something or someone if you have to say thank you to a person you would say "grazie" "grazie". Thank you very much in Italian it is "grazie mille" "mille" translates litterally as "thousand" But "thank you very much", we translate it as "grazie mille" or "grazie molte" but it is more current to say "grazie mille". Grazie come from the verb "to thank", which in Italian is "ringraziare". In italiano il verbo è ringraziare "to thank for" so in English it has the preposition "for" in Italian also it has the preposition "per" ti ringrazio per i fiori for example, I thank you for the flowers in English you would also use the expression "to be thankful for something or someone" In Italian it translates as "sono grato o grata per" "grata" if it's a woman talking "grato" if it's a man talking "sono grato per" also translates as I am grateful for so "I'm thankful for" and "I'm grateful for" which are synonyms, translate both in Italian as "sono grato/grata per qualcosa o qualcuno" "I am grateful for" translates in Italian in two ways "sono grata per" or "sono grata di" Now, the preposition you use depends on what you want to say for example: I'm grateful for having met you , sono grata di averti conosciuto I am grateful for the flowers you sent me sono grata per i fiori che mi hai mandato sono grata per avere tutti voi nella mia vita: I'm grateful for having you all in my life sono grata per avere una famiglia sana I'm grateful for having a healthy family. There is not really a rule, so it is difficult to tell whether it is correct to use "di" or "per" What else? Grazie, ringraziare, sono grato/a per/di. I think we have pretty much covered everything... Yeah so this was a very quick but important lesson and I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends let me know what you think leaving a comment below in the comment section and share this video with your family and friends if they want to learn Italian too or just if they want to thank someone for in Italian for this upcoming Thanksgiving Vi saluto e ci vediamo nella prossima lezione! Ciao Ciao! :D