Tutorial Transcript

Welcome to ItalianPod101.com’s Italiano in tre minuti. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Italian. Ciao, sono Consuelo, piacere. Hi, I'm Consuelo, nice to meet you. I’ve just introduced myself in Italian. In this lesson, you're going to learn how to introduce yourself in Italian. It’s super easy and it takes only three minutes! There are only two sentences to do it but first, it is important to clarify that in Italian there is difference between the formal and the informal language. Let’s now see how Italians introduce themselves in an informal situation, referring to tu, you. Ciao, sono Consuelo. Piacere di conoscerti. Hi, I’m Consuelo. Nice to meet you. (One more time, slowly: Ciao, sono Consuelo. Piacere di conoscerti). So, you just need to say: Ciao, sono (add the name). And, Piacere di conoscerti. Ciao, sono Consuelo. Piacere di conoscerti. And now let’s see the same sentence in a formal speech, talking to a person referring to Lei, the Italian courtesy form of "you". Buongiorno, sono Consuelo Innocenti. Piacere di conoscerla. What has changed from the previous introduction? Let’s take a look at close look at these together. Ciao has been substituted with the formal greeting buongiorno, Italian for good morning. Sono Consuelo has not been changed; sono stands in both cases for I am, however during a formal self introduction we also say our last name. Consuelo Innocenti are respectively my first and last names. Finally the sentence Piacere di conoscerla has switched conoscerTI into conoscerLA since conoscerla is referred to Lei, the Italian formal courtesy form for you. So, the formal way to introduce yourself is: Buongiorno, sono, here add your full name, and then, Piacere di conoscerla. Buongiorno, sono Consuelo Innocenti. Piacere di conoscerla. If you use the correct sentence with Italians they’re definitely going to be impressed! So, ciao, sono Consuelo, piacere!