Tutorial Transcript

I am bored, what should I do? Ah, ich weiss! Get Germanized! Hallo und willkommen zu 10 Untranslatable German Words! Our first word is: Drachenfutter (Dragon fodder or dragon feed) This is the candy or gift you buy someone when you know you're in trouble with them in an attempt to ease the situation or calm down the Drache. Torschlusspanik (literal: gate closing panic) This describes the fear of not being able to do things you want in time before you get too old. For example getting married or traveling the world. Kummerspeck (grief bacon) The weight you gain when you've just broken up with someone. I think we've all experienced that. Those love handles, that gut and so on! Verschlimmbessern (bad improving) The attempt of improving or fixing something but ending up making it worse. Let me know in the comments below how you've experienced verschlimmbessern. FremdschΓ€men (external shaming) Being embarrassed on someone else's behalf. Haven't we all watched The Office and felt like that for Michael Scott? Or watched American idol and died of embarrassment? Yeah, that's fremdschΓ€men! Fahne (flag) When you wave this kind of flag around you can be sure that no one will want to join you! Because Fahne describes the bad breath you have after a night of drinking. Go wave that flag in someone else's face! Rabenmutter (raven mother) A term for a bad mother. When you see a kid that's filthy dirty with clothes that aren't warm enough for the weather, you know a Rabenmutter must be responsible. Treppenwitz (stair joke) Have you ever been in an argument and only just come up with a good comeback once you've left the scene? Well, that's what we Germans call a Treppenwitz! Mutterseelenallein (mother soul alone) This is the feeling of abandonment you get when you feel like no one is on your side, all your friends have left you and you've got no one to turn to. This guy here knows what I'm talking about! Schadenfreude (damage happiness) The kind of malicious joy that overcomes you when seeing someone you don't like get hurt. Yes, we Germans have a word for that. That's it with 10 Untranslatable German Words! Make sure to give this video a thumbs up and to share it with your friends if you've liked it! Also subscribe to the channel for weekly videos about the German language and culture! Visit me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for exclusive bonus content and sneek peaks into my daily life here in Germany! Thank you for watching, vielen Dank fΓΌrs Zusehen, don't forget to Get Germanized, goodbye and auf Wiedersehen!