Tutorial Transcript

Hallo und willkommen! Today we're gonna talk about „False Friends -- Falsche Freunde". No, I don't mean actual false friends. I'm talking about words that sound similar in the two languages but mean something completely different things and are therefore very misleading! Let's start, lasst uns anfangen! English German after, nach, nachher der After, rectum argument, Streit, Streitfrage das Argument, proof, reasons or grounds for holding an opinion bad, schlecht das Bad, bath, spa, bathroom beamer (the car) der Beamer, video projector billion, Milliarde die Billion, trillion buckle, Schnalle der Buckel, hump carton, Tüte, Packung der Karton, (cardboard)box chef, Chefkoch, Küchenchef der Chef, boss, head of a company, manager dick, Penis dick, fat, thick evergreen der Evergreen, old musical standart, classical song, old favourite flair, Gabe, Talent das Flair, special atmosphere flesh, menschliches Fleisch das Fleisch, meat gift, Geschenk, Talent das Gift, poison, venom handy, praktisch, nützlich das Handy, cell phone/mobile phone hell, Hölle hell, bright, light housework, Hausarbeit (cleaning) die Hausarbeit, paper, long essay loan, Darlehen der Lohn, wages, salary marmelade, Orangenmarmelade die Marmelade, jam mode, Art und Weise die Mode, fashion pep(p)eroni, scharfe Wurst die Peperoni, chilli, chilli pepper pickle, Essiggurke der Pickel, pimple pregnant, schwanger prägnant, concise private parts, Geschlechtsorgane privater Teil (eines Hauses), living quarters probe, Sondierung, sondieren die Probe, trial, test rat, Ratte der Rat, advice, counsel rock, Felsen der Rock, skirt self-conscious, befangen, gehemmt, unsicher selbstbewusst, confident, self-confident, self-assured shadow, Schatten der Schatten, shadow and shade spanner, Schraubenschlüssel der Spanner, Peeping Tom undertaker, Leichenbestatter der Unternehmer, business person wand, Zauberstab die Wand, wall Okay, that should be enough! Now it's your turn! Tell me in the comments section below what your favorite false friend is and why! Also make sure to subscribe to my channel for weekly videos and like my Facebook and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for exclusive bonus content, extra videos and sneak peaks into my daily life here in Germany! Vielen Dank fürs Zusehen, thank you for watching, don't forget to Get Germanized, goodbye and auf Wiedersehen!