Tutorial Transcript

It's Damon It's Jo It's Damon and Jo and we're here... ...in the United States... No, not in Brazil But we *are* always trying to live in a tropical country (Brazilian song) Not the right part Moro num pais tropical (I live in a tropical country) We didn't plan all of that We like Brazilian music Yes, we do. But I don't know W/E y'all understood The Brazilian national anthem I also don't know the lyrics So what we're about to do today is learn the entire Brazilian national anthem Not all of it We're gonna try I need the lyrics at least I don't even understood Portuguese I at least need to have it written Attempt 1 Let's try to memorize it Hold up There are too many syllables! See that one I know Don't know what it means though I think that Even Hear *not making sense* No, no, I wasn't reading any lyrics I was Damn my arm is strong Oh yeah that was right I don't have the voice for this octave Singing the rap version Got it. We're gonna sing it one last time. Let's do it 5, 6, 7, 8 DEATH So if y'all want us to come sing this national anthem Just contact us We're ready to bring all the happiness beautiful voices strong arms We accept credit cards cash money food hugs subscribers... That's all for today Comment something down below I've always wanted to learn that song but did you? Y'all can keep on watching our other videos in Portuguese Do you know the American national anthem? The American version is like, one for talent Yeah, if you got it I ain't got it, but maybe you do Some of us have talent Not me Ciao!