Start Learning Latvian started with two online language programs. Both of these programs require a flash player which is not suitable for Andriod and IOS devices but still play on a desktop PC running Windows, Mac or Linux.

The Latvian language helpers is comprised of four learning area's:

  • How to use
  • The basics
  • Phrases
  • Grammatics

How to use

As it says on the tin, you will learn how to use the program.

The basics

Contains six simple word memorisation categories that teach you the alphabet, numbers from zero to one hundred, days of the week, months of the year, the four seansons, and common colours/colors


Six main categories contain forty-three sub-categories with over 1000 Latvian word and phrases to learn. Each work is split into its phonetic parts to help you pronounce the word as you hear it on the audio recording of a Latvian teacher.


This area was never completed and currently does not contain any content.