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hi everyone welcome to Chinese white boluses emiru in this lesson we're going to talk about different uses of the particle la lah is actually one of the most difficult grammar points in Chinese but don't worry in this lesson I'm going to give you a lot of examples and explanations to help you better understand the uses of love okay the first use I'd like to introduce is that la can indicate change of status what does that mean let's look at some examples the first one very simple sha la sha Allah Xiao Yu is a verb meaning to rain and when you put a la after Xiao Yu it means it's raining now because there's a low here which indicates a change of status it means it wasn't a raining a second ago but now it is raining even though you don't see Xi'an zai and now the word meaning now here you don't see seeing that in the same sentence but it indicates that now it is raining it wasn't raining now it is raining shahrullah and the second one watching can surpass whele what's in pionship availa not la is at the end of the sentence and war is the subject tinkin today sherpa is a number eighteen by eighteen and say we put say after number two to express how many years old so sweet can mean years I'm 18 years old today and because there was a la here it means that I wasn't 18 I was 17 years old yesterday but today ding Qian warship Azula today I am 18 years old so there's a change here what Indians pezuela I'm 18 years old today the the third one warble pad jangling look hwa-jung look so what does that mean Pat is the verb here meaning to be scared of to be afraid of so Bupa is the negative form I'm not afraid of I'm not scared of what Shamala John long gel on his cockroach so I'm not scared of cockroaches is that all no because there's a lot here so the whole sentence means I'm not afraid of cockroaches anymore anymore I was afraid of cockroaches what it's here before war hype hi jelluh or panjang long than sure but since I now walk upon jungle Angela so compared to this war whooping Zhang Liang without Lala this simply means I'm not afraid of cockroaches but with love it means I'm not afraid of cockroaches anymore okay now the second use of love is that it indicates completed action or in other words it means something that happened in the past example Nietzsche lama Nietzsche Lama the verb here is true and there is Allah after the verb means eight have you eaten Nora did you eat the literal translation is have you eaten but this sentence or less this expression can also be used as a greeting around mealtime you know eating is a very very big culture in China we're always talking about food and eating even though even even in my lessons you hear a lot of examples about food or eating so each allama you can use it to greet people that you're very familiar with Nietzsche Lama have you eaten did you eat next once I got cincone sure son la Warr eager Charlie Oh sin culture is the subject here new home sure colic and the verb soon so means to give or to give to be more exact to give a gift like here it's some War Eagle Sally woo echolalia woo the object here is a one little small gift eager Xiao Li Oh some la or I guess Charlie oh it's done it's in the past my new colleague gave me a little present okay moving on to the third one throw one wartella II one shunda yo si okay first 201 is a time last night what am I an ax what did i do last night ah Yoshi ah your scene is to play a game Yoshi game dance to play and how did I play the game Dola in one shall de Yoshi in one shall one night or one whole night so I played again whole night one whole night all night long I was playing a game so that is this is also talking about scene talking about something that happened in the past it seems that with a verb na you're definitely talking about something happened in the past but that is not true in most cases that is true but there are some exceptions look at these two examples please maintain Taliban woman choo-choo Hank or tybo ok the second half means woman we go eat true eat hyung Ward's hunger as a country stop South Korea hunger and high is dish or vegetables so let's go have Korean food and bah bah at the end of sentence it indicates a suggestion so let's go have Korean food let's go eat Korean food and when minion maintain tomorrow and Cheyenne ban Japan is a verb or rephrase me to get off work shallow pan after we get off work tomorrow you see there's a lull here but it's not talking about yesterday or the past it is talking about we're talking about media tomorrow so after we get off tomorrow that's going to have Korean food min pianist alabang woman Chu Chu hung words - okay Judy deletes that that was the first example the Argo the second one Nene out so llama new Yahoo llama it can be translated as are you going to leave now where are you living now are you going to go see there's a la after those always to go but it's not talking about past it's talking about right now or even in the future in a little bit neon so LaMotte Sola and indicates completed action but it's not a marker for past ten it is actions that happen in the past you don't have to use law all the time there are times or there are cases we don't want to use lung like in here the first case when you see frequency words or frequency was about time such as song shirt song sure always seen chong ching chong often oor or occasionally so some words like that that's talking about that talks about the frequency of time when you see that and when the whole sentence is describing something that happened in the past you don't want use law after the word for example what ET end zone should joshua tada means what ET n ET means in the past so so i'm sure is the frequency word here so i'm sure always chao is a verb y'all talk twice round so i something wrong call what run pattern means her name so in the past I always caught her name wrong it is in the past but we don't say y'all looked or gel allah tala means we just say like it's in the present tense ye Tian song sure it's y'all so it had that means NOLA and in the sentence because there is no shoot here ok the second example Xiao Shu ho panting Chiang like Julie my shoe see I sure hope so sure ho is when someone was young or in someone's childhood yeah sure Pam ching chong so ting tong is the word you need to pay attention here means often light early to come here my shoe to buy books when he was young he often came here to buy books there's no love here we don't have to say like Julie my shoe because there's teams on here Sasha ho that's in channel idly my shoe when he was young he often came here to my books okay the next example who was she that Union Julie hun shop Sasha what she does or call she means past and geniune a few years in the past few years Julie here hun shall see hun Shah means rarely so that's the frequency words here I'm shot really sash to snow enough in the past few years it really snowed here see if it was time this is talking about in the past few years still we don't need to say Julie honey Xiao San Cielo or jellyfish Alice Alice you we don't need to use the law here okay the second case is when there is psychological action what is psychological action it is something that has something to do with your mind how you think or your feeling how you feel such as c1 Oh cheating decide she won like and etc okay examples who finish Rahab was he won he hold down Amin issue okay let's break this sentence down hey - ah ho we just talked about sweet we use it after a number to tell a year age mu say - ho 5 years old when I was when someone was 5 years old Shama Shama Tasha is when so when at five years old or c1 c1 here I hoped oh I was hoping yeahö in the future down to be aiming one asian asian is doctor when I was 5 years old I hoped or I was hoping to be a doctor in the future see see one because there's see one here we don't need to say or or see one will of a hotel mission what you say what you want down Amy issue we don't have to say see one love no need to use love so is the second one down sure what you think she should down sure at that time at that moment tongue sure what you think shooting is to decide I decide to sure you sure she issues who give something a try give it a try at that moment I decided to give it a try but we don't say what you're doing love she should bow should what you think she should chew clay that and that is good don't need that so the third example the third example shankaranna sure ho I just told you so mushy mataró means when so when Shankar on the show Shang Gong when someone is at high school Gorham high school war child is one Georgie alone okay he means super chowsie such as us chao-ge english own superhero she won like and c1 is the psychological action here Joe genuine is its he is the most iconic pop star in China and or in the whole Asia probably he is very very famous everybody knows him and I was even crazy about him when I was young go home - yo so Shango John - yo watch out is your wand Rosalyn but we don't have to say Shankar John - yo watch out is she well joseline because see one because there's one here and we're talking about something in the past we don't have to save she won alright so this is the some points I'd like to introduce or tell you about the use of love now let's practice a little more there are four sentences in English in the quiz part let's try to put them in Chinese all right okay let's get started bigger the first one did you get a taxi did you get a taxi well did you pass right completed action and I talked about the uses of gel in the previous lesson so when you say to get a taxi or to hell a taxi we can use Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe okay did you get a sexy you can say me yeah children need yeah choo-choo-choo llama or you can say me y'all love to tutor so we can put love in here or in here need y'all to do Charma need y'all to torture llama okay yeah I got the second one sorry to have you waited so long okay to say sorry to apologize in Chinese there are a few ways you can say well how is it or you can say they would see they would see my marker just fell how I have to go pick it up alright we were talking about dude would she and then to say sorry we can also say about in about him so from the weakest to the strongest is how easy do it with you about 10 okay here have you waited so long as I have you with it it was in the past you're done waiting for me I'm here now so it's in the past so you can say I'm too pushy or about yin yang Nene let you down la so much you waited so much you're so long about here ronita loves a module or two but she can eat a lot so much or how easy ronita not so much okay a third one she is a big girl now she is a big girl now see now it indicates a change she was a little girl now she's a big girl so we can say Patty and I sugar time you high-low pass inside sugar down your hard luck okay now let's move on to the last one when I was in a new ass I love to play in basketball now I don't okay there are two parts here first part is when I was in the US so when it's commercial mother sure what I make water sure hole I loved playing basketball loved past completed action playing basketball is talent show so what I make water shaho gang violence you will see Wonderland so we don't need love even though it's in the past when I was in the u.s. we don't need a law or Sawalha because here is some kind of a psychological action you don't need the love so the first part we can say what time ago - oh ho ho c1 talent show or what time ago - aha I balanced you now I don't it's changed now it's a different case so she and I wore pussy who I love since that wakfu I love you have to use the love to say it's a different case so the whole sentence we can say time ago - ah ho what else you want Alonso siient that or push you one lot so that's it for this lesson we talked about the uses of love if you have more questions or if you like to share more examples feel free to put them in the comments below and I'll see you in the next lesson oh my god you cut that timber bye bye everyone me ha ha Chinese class water water