Tutorial Transcript

You know, it was all fun and games till I told our audience that I wanted to learn German And you know at this point I've learned in French. I've learned Spanish. I've learned Portuguese even a little bit of a time All right, that's not exaggerated but you know none of that even matters because German is not a Romance language Which means it doesn't have its roots from Latin. I've self-studied for the past few years like when I feel like it, you know Okay, so this show was created for language learners so they try to use super basic language, but it's not boring Like, you know, I love the TV show friends and that's what this show reminds me of they have it for German French Spanish So check in the description box below, but now I have too many questions (now I have too many questions in German) to keep on going online. I need a teacher and that's where I reached out to Achilingua. So Achilingua Vienna, here I come. Back-to-school season baby. Look I'm a big self learner, Joe and I are huge fans of teaching yourself languages, but there comes a point Especially when you're learning German that you need some instruction I thought in German after you got past the die der das phase Where like, oh my god. There's three ways to say though that you kind of calmed down The further I get into this book I Just ask myself why the der die das the three ways to say the.. all of a sudden depends where the 'the' comes in. Die der das becomes diesen, dem.. dieses like, I've got a lot of questions So let's go get them answered. (I have a lot to ask in German) No one told me I was sitting German in a palace How do you say 'How do you say?' Okay 'Just a second, well i just wanted to say hi, I'm Mario i'm the director of studies here' 'well hello' Just checking that everything's okay well She's behaving so for me we 'if we could just swap her out tomorrow.' 'Yes yes definitely I was thinking that as well' Yeah guys I'm still sitting here you know... She's been listening to my very *long* simple stories about... Berlin and .... I'm trying I'm trying To cook To love To visit To cut To ask To forget To explain? 'Wow you said you didn't you didn't learn it?' 'Ok yeah maybe I did study a lil' bit... To marry? And do you know the difference between... Day three, let's try this. "One espresso is $2.40, but you wanted two, no?" "Oh, but if it costs 5 euros no." "And it's just one cappucino with two espresso inside?" "One cappucino with two... thank you." Well I end up getting it after... Basically shutting down the entire bakery this morning I was a bit nervous already to talk and then everyone got a little quiet once I started talking So apparently ordered two espressos like one espresso two espresso and then a cappuccino so ended up being like 15 euros And I said no. No. No, that's not what I wanted. Anyways, I'm late Whoops I'm just a little late Plot twist: guess who has strep throat again. Well.. we'll see if I have strep throat I have a really sore sore throat, let's go see a doctor. *If I can find him* '...Which by the way I ordered coffee this morning...' '...shut down the store, like...' *that moment when you're learning a language where you... you're like a little nervous, you're in the coffee shop by yourself, there's a huge line behind you...* and everyone gets quiet, and you're like...' Wait 'das frau' was already in the dative...oh! So good super good *softly* 'their favourite?' I, I, try to say the most complicated things. "Yeah, because you're complex person" What are you tryna say?!