Tutorial Transcript

What are you doing there? You don't see Death at all! Try to bend your knees more and try to walk like this Yeah, like...bowlegged! Real quick, is that my or your tripod? Ýours! It has a big crack in it! God, this is just like a family photo! But I'll have to bend down then?! Yes, we'll all have to bend down! Oh because I'm so scared I'll take it off like Jurassic Park! Woah, I'm so serious, I gotta cry in a sec because I'm so serious. You're not allowed to laugh! Rad! You can show your hands! Death has hands! I could just paint my hands black! You don't have to because Death usually has skeletal hands. Thanks! We'll do that part again! I would like a stone! No wait, he doesn't say stone. Bahaha! I'd like a stone! Go! Here Sohnio, my most treasured... Sohnio! I can't call him Sohnio or I'll have to laugh! Dad! Wow, thanks! Just so that you know! I summon you, oh awesome bitch who I once wanted to marry! Now you gotta rise by the way Sabrina. Oh yeah! Give it to me! Aah! Anni, not on that! Oh yeah you hot bitch! Oh my god! Oooh your boobies! You have to go insane and kill yourself! Really? I thought they'd be living together for a while first! Was that better? Sabrina you're alive! - But you pushed me down, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! You look so hot with your mask on! Why did you kill me as well? So first I shoot you and then I shoot myself...but how do I fall? Am I now insane or sad? - Insanely sad. By not saying anything you're putting pressure on me!