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How to Celebrate New Year in France?
Mon 3rd Dec 2018
In this 25-lesson series, youll learn all about the holidays celebrated in France! Perfect for any student interested in learning more about French Culture, these will teach you the what, why, when and how of 25 French holidays.
My 2018 Goals - French Nationality, Money, Youtube... Happy New Year!
Sun 31st Dec 2017
Where things get more personal! Expat life in Paris, Paris Youtuber Q
The French Months of the Year (French Essentials Lesson 5)
Thu 10th Mar 2016
Here are the first 20 lessons of Alexas popular French Essentials course.
Weekly French Words with Lya - Months of the Year
Tue 2nd Dec 2014
In this series, youll learn the must-know French vocabulary for each theme. Great for more experienced speakers! Five words are introduced per lesson, along with sample sentences. These quick, bite-sized lessons will get you speaking more French in no time! Join us for French Weekly Words with Lya!