Tutorial Transcript

Good morning! So today we go to the post office together, because I have to send three packages. And now I have to compose the envelopes. For shipping I will use these mailing bags and they are padded envelopes, because they have air bubbles inside, so as not to ruin what I have to send. The first thing to do is to write the recipient's address on the envelope. I will write the recipient's address, that is, of the person who will receive the package, on the front of the envelope. Instead on the back of the envelope I will write the sender's address, that is, who is sending the package, that is me. Now I have to close the package and here is an adhesive tab to close the package. However, since I don't trust this adhesive tab so much, I will add a piece of adhesive tape to make the closure more secure. Here we go! Once I got to the post office I lined up outside. Once inside, I took the number and it was immediately my turn, so I headed for the counter. While the lady weighs my packages to be sent and attach the adhesive labels so that the packages can be shipped, I give you some information on post offices in Italy. The post offices are managed by a company called Poste Italiane and this company doesn't just offer postal services. Post offices also offer banking services, financial services and mobile telephone services. And you may have noticed that in all post offices there is also an ATM to deposit or withdraw cash and perform other operations. In short, you can do a lot of things at the post office! However I want to specify that this video is not sponsored in any way by Poste Italiane, but simply I have to say many times this name because the post offices are of Poste Italiane in Italy, so! After delivering the packages to be sent and requesting another operation, I was ready to leave. Both to enter and to exit you have to go through a security compass, precisely because the post office works like a real bank. So, I'm done, I left the post office. And luckily, even if it's Saturday morning, there were no people so I was very happy! And that's it, now I'm going home. So, it really took me a short time, about twenty minutes in total. More than anything else, the whole procedure for putting labels on packages (took a while)... The lady was a little slow. But that's okay, it's done. I hope I have recorded enough inside to be able to say enough new words to you. The thing is, the post office manager was there and was following me, that is, not that she was following me, she wanted to be kind and help me and therefore I could not record, because I think you cannot record in the post office. So I did something I couldn't do. I was a bit limited in my movements! Let me know in the comments below what new words you learned in this video. And here are some more videos for you to watch. Thanks a lot and see you in the next one! See you soon, bye!