Tutorial Transcript

So if you ever wanted us to teach your French class, today's that day. Are you guys ready? (class cheers) We're gonna try to teach your class today. Oh no, we're just worried about our own video right now. (Damon, in French) We all ready? Are we ready? Yes. Okay. Are we all on page 406? Yes. Are we all there? Everybody is there? Student (in French): Yes. Damon (in French): Yes, okay. Do you all already know about reflexive verbs? (Jo, in French): Yes, I shave. I must shave. (in English) Yes. I shave myself, right? You shave yourself? Sometimes you shave- It like goes right to the dirty stuff. Damon: Like so what do you shave- No, okay, I'm done, alright. Okay. I just want to say reflexive verbs We were just talking about this: my least favorite subject in French just because as an English speaker We don't really speak like this. (Jo, in French) Okay, we're going to go over how we conjugate the verbs. Damon: Okay, how do we say "I"? Class: "Je." "Tu. Il, elle." And what else we have here? "On." What does "on" mean? We, one Basically reflexive verbs, you're just missing the piece before it. We want to do it how Damon said. You, like, do the normal conjugation first, then you add in the pronoun. Jo, with class: "Ils/elles se rasent." (English translation: They shave.) Jo: Woo, you did it! [Offscreen] So how was the class? [Jo] The class was "magnifique!" No, it was really cool! Wow, "An Evening with Damon & Jo." [Jo] This is so cool! [Jo] So we have all of this. And all of this to get ready for. [Jo, exaggerated voice] So that's when everything took a change. [Regular voice] What? Like not even English. Took a turn for the- turn- What? [Jo] I'm like: And we will conclude this speech by having everybody "drop that ne ne ne." [Damon & Jo] Drop that ne ne ne and go: drop that ne ne ne! You say: "Je parle pas français." (English: I don't speak French.) Or: "Je comprends pas" or "Je sais pas" (English: "I don't understand" or "I don't know") So what are you gonna do, Jo? You gonna "drop that ne ne ne." One two three Rips pants? You know, what is weird, this is the weird thing. If we're up there on stage and I'm holding this camera I would feel so confident. [Jo] Comfortable. This is our safety zone. [Damon] If I don't have it. I'm gonna be like My name is Jo- I mean Damon As I nervous laugh. [Damon] Did you take public speaking in high school? [Jo] Yes and it was the worst! [Damon] I hated it! [Jo] Ask me to go first and I will kill you! [Damon] Okay, we only have like ten minutes to get ready. [Jo] Give me comfort! [Damon] We have to go get ready. [Jo] Mom! [Damon] Hello? (laughs) [Jo] Next scene is me being like: "Hello and welcome everybody! So glad to be here!" [Jo] We're about to go on. Were there a lot of people in there? Not really. [Person] It's a long line, though. [Jo] Really? [Person] That's why I just- Yeah. [Jo] There's a line?! I just need that song to queue up long and strong. [Damon] Full volume. [Jo] Like "BOOM." [Jo] Oh my gosh, I just got gassy. Ooh, sorry. [Damon] It's like *explosion sound.* [Damon] They're gonna say: "And now, Damon & Jo! Stand up!" And we gotta be ready. I'm ready. I'm ready [Jo] I am always ready to dance to Pimpin' Around the World by Ludacris! [Damon] Wait, so how is it out there? [Person] It's pretty full! [Damon] Full?! [Person] There's a lot of students and they're so excited and they're speaking French and Spanish [Jo] Oh no! Your earring got so excited it fell [Jo] So how many people do you think? [Person] Uh, probably close to 400, 350? [Jo] What?! [Damon] This is where we're waiting, we're about to go on stage [Jo] This is the green room [Jo] Thank you for coming! (crowd cheers) [Jo] Yay! [Damon] I wanted to talk a little about my high school experience [Damon] I- I like the podium! I like this up here. [Jo] The power podium. [Jo] I was always in between. And instead of looking at that as a bad thing, I looked at it as, like, a strength. I'm like, "Alright. I'm not gonna be y'all. I'm not gonna be y'all. I'm gonna be everything." [Damon] And why do you have a disposable camera? [Person] Because of Damon and Jo! [Jo] Capturing those moments you can't edit! Okay, Syracuse University, it's time to go! [Damon] Any inch of Syracuse University in the past week has been filled with our gooney faces! [Jo] And this is the first experience we've ever had speaking at a university. Of course, we didn't get any footage of it Thank you. Thank you to the language department. Thank you to la société francophone. Thank you to Syracuse University for having us. College dropout, college graduate. Nonetheless, we came. [Damon] Leave a comment below what your major is in college, what your major was in college? What was my major? [Jo] Uh [Damon] French, Spanish, then I switched to communications, then I switched to film studies. You... [Jo] International business with a minor in sociology and a triple major in being a boss [Damon] We're out [Jo] Okay guys, we're out, it's time to take another plane [Damon] We're Damon & Jo and we're speaking at Syracuse University If you want us to come to your University reach out to your university, let them know! Holler at damonandjo.com for inquiries [Producer] Alright, Damon and Jo, you can sit [Jo] So the advice would be: You have to start somewhere. We started and we definitely got, you know, gyped on a lot of the gigs we were doing in the beginning. I think we weren't afraid to try. [Damon] You have to, like, look at your market, realize what's happening What's not happening and how you can like dive in there. [Jo] Change the perspectives. [Damon] Sorry for the yellow lighting in this room [Jo] I'm nervous!