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French to English translation dictionary has found 15196 possibilities. The first three matches on page 1 are: (approval) , "blanc bonnet,bonnet blanc"(six of one,half a dozen of the other) and 'acclamation'(acclamation).
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 15196 French phrases 
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"blanc bonnet
bonnet blanc"
six of one
half a dozen of the other
'baobab' (m)baobab
'café au lait'café au lait
'ganglion' (m) (1)ganglion
'Orissa' " "Orissa
'provenance' (f)provenance
'shall"' followed by the infinitive is translated using the future tense"shall
'shall' "followed by the infinitive is translated by" si "and the imperfect tense
without" si "and with the present tense"
'to be hot': avoir chaud ("the adjective cannot be translated alone in this sense")hot
'vigilance' (f)vigilance