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(b) English to French translation dictionary has found 1028 possibilities. The first three matches on page 1 are: B major(si majeur) , B-flat major(si bémol majeur) and baa(bêlement (m)).
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 1028 French phrases 
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B majorsi majeur
B-flat majorsi bémol majeur
baabêlement (m)
babebébé (m)
babiroussababiroussa (m)
baboonbabouin (m)
babybenjamin (m) ("a male")
benjamine (f) ("a female")
babychou (m)
bébé (m)
babyma belle (f) ("to a woman")
babypetit ("additionally
as in English
the young of some animals have special names")
babypetit (m)
bébé (m)
babypour bébé
baby of the familybenjamin (for a male)
BabylonBabylone (f)
babysitterbaby-sitter; gardienne d'enfant; bonne d'enfant
bachelorcélibataire (m)
bachelor partyenterrement de vie de garçon (m)
bachelordomcélibat (m)