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(a) English to French translation dictionary has found 1186 possibilities. The first three matches on page 1 are: a bad workman always blames his tools(méchant ouvrier,point de bon )) , a bon gat,bon rat(bon chat,bon rat) and a cappella(a cappella).
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 1186 French phrases 
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a bad workman always blames his toolsméchant ouvrier
point de bon )
a bon gat
bon rat
bon chat
bon rat
a cappellaa cappella
a cold day in Hellquand les poules auront des dents (when hens will have teeth)
la semaine des quatre jeudis (on the week with four Thursdays)
A majorla majeur
A-bombbombe atomique (f)
A-flat majorla bémol majeur
A-sharp majorla dièse majeur
a.m.du matin
aardvarkoryctérope (m)
abacaabaca (m)
abacusabaque (f)
tailloir (m)
abacusabaque (m)
boulier (m)
boulier compteur (m)
abaften arrière de
sur l'arrière de
abaftsur l'arrière or vers l'arrière