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Rocket French Review

After singing up to the 6 day course, you are taken to your personal learning center. The "My Dashboard" page gives you an overview and direct access to your lessons.

The free six day course allows access to module 1.1 to 1.8, covering French introductions, learning French, alphabet & pronunciation, naming things and making things clear. Of course you will also be teased with whats available in the other 8 modules ;0).

The first tab at the top of the page takes you to the interactive audio lessoons. These are really useful as they can be downloaded and saved onto your mobile device for listening and learning french whilst on the train, in the car or doing your daily chores.

You will notice the PDF download icon. This document contains the French lesson in text form and can be printed or saved to your mobile device and used with the audio recording when learning French on the move.

The first audio french lesson is 17 minutes twentynine seconds long and helps you through a basics conversation between Claire and Paul. 

The French conversation we just listened to is then broken down into the conversation transcript.

Each part can be play seperatly and then gives you the chance to record your voice and compare with the professionals.

French lesson 1.1 continues the theme with interactive audio tracks that give you the chance to role play (speak) the parts of Claire and Paul.

Extra vocabulary can be learn't before testing your linqustic abilities.

Welcome to = Bienvenue à

I hope that it’s going well = J’espère que ça va bien

I am going = Je vais

Testing takes the form of a hear it say it game. First you play the French phrase then you say the French phrase into the recorder for a digital comparrison and lastly you have to guess what you have just said. The whole process is very comfortable to use and easy to understand. I am glad the lesson was not any longer as my memory needed a break before starting on the other 7 module parts.

This 6 day online French course does offer a lot concidering the FREE price tag and it's a great starting point for any language learning newbie's

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